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Recreational Program


We at Dance FX thrive on our recreation program. Recreational classes at Dance FX help dancers through the process of learning, perfecting and finally performing in our end of the year recital. Our program helps to develop dancers with self-confidence and an incredible sense of accomplishment while having fun in the process. 

Our faculty provides an enthusiastic environment with emphasis on positive role modeling. We offer a variety of classes and levels to ensure that every dancer is challenged and encouraged with FX Fun and eXitement! 

We offer programs for ages 2 to Adult ranging in styles and disciplines. We focus on a family-oriented environment with many personal touches. 

Our rec program provides dancers a great opportunity to improve dance skills, make new friends and share in the love of dance. 

We believe in the importance of educating students to become well-rounded dancers and individuals. The combination of bringing together participants from different dance backgrounds along with the recognizable quality of our instructors, is sure to create a positive experience for all.

Competitive Team


Along with our recreational programs, Dance FX also has selective competitive dancers who make up our Award-Winning Team FX Dance Crew. We have a long history of award-winning seasons which are contributed to a combination of talented dancers, superb teaching staff and excellent coaches and choreographers. Of course, our TEAM FX Parents also play a large role in the success of our team thanks to their support and encouragement. 

Many of our dancers have gone on to win numerous TITLES in both Canada & USA, SCHOLARSHIPS, TOP SCORING & SPECIAL AWARDS including trips to L.A., Hollywood, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago and parading the streets of Disneyland!  

Our FX CREW staff and dancers have also worked with many famous and well-renowned artists and choreographers. Some of those include Shaggy (Reggae Pop Star), Shane Sparks, Sho-Tyme, Tre Armstrong, Luther Brown, Paul Otterbein and many more! 

Dance FX is always recruiting and looking to add to our already talented dance team. Please feel free to discuss with us further future opportunities in joining our Award-Winning Team FX Dance Crew!

Twinkle Toes Program


This beginner class introduces our rising stars to the world of dance! The class combines Jazz, Ballet and Tap and the child will have an opportunity to explore and express themselves through creative movement and dance. Dance is your tiny dancer come to life!!



combines stretching, aerobic exercise, strength, and upbeat movement to create fun, exciting routines. This lively class works to improve technique, stamina, and flexibility. Every style of jazz is incorporated from contemporary to funk. Our students will definitely learn to ‘Feel da FX Rhythm’!



is a dynamic dance discipline where students learn rhythm, style and musicality through percussive footwork. Students will learn technique, terminology, and various styles of tap. Tap was initially popularized in Hollywood by such great dancers as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple and more recently, by the hugely popular performers Tap Dogs, Stomp and Riverdance.



the basis of all dance forms combining the beauty of music with dance. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture and self discipline while learning technique and musicality. Ballet training provides young ballet dancers with opportunities to develop grace, fitness and self –confidence. This class is sure to keep you on your toes!

Hip Hop


Our high-energy Hip Hop dance lessons use the latest sounds in Rap, R&B, Dance Music, Pop & Old School Hip Hop, to make the classes diverse, energetic and fun! Hip Hop is the latest "video" style of dance. It is a funky, free-style form of movement that not only improves physical fitness, but rhythm and self confidence as well. Hip-Hop gives our dancers opportunity to develop their own FX style and dance personality!



A combination of dance and gymnastics. Dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastics skills with emphasis on strength and flexibility. For all you tumblers out there, it’s time to ‘Rock and Roll’!!

Lyrical / Contemporary


The beauty of ballet and the strength of jazz. This class develops control and balance through emotion and interpretation of music. It is story-telling through expression and dance.

Musical Theatre


This is a combination of acting, singing and dancing.  Students are often introduced to music from Broadway and Movie Musicals.  This a growing popular, enjoyable class where students get to show their personalities and develop their confidence and performing skills.

What we Offer


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Our Team







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Was wery nice to see the dancing . the kids had lots of fun and so did the people who came to watch the show.

Franco F.

Our daughter has been with Dance FX Studio now going in her third year.  The studio offers a positive environment which fosters confidence and team work among all the kids.  The staff is super friendly and the parents behind the scenes are uber supportive of each other.  The atmosphere is very family oriented and my daughter has made lifelong friends because of Dance FX.  We can’t imagine have our daughter dancing anywhere else.  Thanks to Ms Ang and her dedicated team!!!!

My daughter loves it! She wants to dance everyday, relaxed atmosphere.

Tracey C.

My daughter loves it..the recitals are amazing, they really put on a great show! I love that I danced there as a child and now my daughter does! 

Brittney M.

We have been to 3 different studio with my daughter's and finally found one that is  

more than girls coming together after school to learn different dances!! It's about feeling like part of a family. Making true friends and learning and improving the different techniques of dance. I honestly am proud of all the teachers work, and encouragement they give my daughter xo and for how hard the studio directory and het family try to make everyone happy xo.

Renata A.

Marco C.



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