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Mr. Happy Tappin’!! 🎶🕺🌟

Can anybody guess who this is???

That’s right, the talented, the entertaining and not to mention a ray of sunshine in the studio

Mr David Cox!!⭐️

His talent is unmistakable, and his choreography is unforgettable. We are blessed to have David on our faculty, just as much as the students are thankful to have him as a teacher! The kids look up to David in so many ways, his classes contain a whole lot of tappin’ and an even more amount of teachable lessons. His knowledge on the history of tap is like no other, making every class memorable.🌟🏆

David’s favourite style of dance is: Tap

And his favourite thing to do in free time is: taking long walks in the park with his family ❤️ Yo Yigiddy

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