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💫 A Ray of DFX Sunshine!🌞🌈

How cute is this little flower!? 🌺 On this chilly Saturday, we’d like to introduce you to our beautiful Alyssa Gooder! 🌸

Alyssa is not only a sweet smile when you walk in on Thursday’s for a full night of our rec programming - but an absolute asset to our line up of competitive choreographers! Wether she’s tackling keeping our Instagram page lit - or teaching new skill sets to eager dancers, Alyssa is an absolute pleasure inside and outside of the dance studio! She’s also a wonderful role model to our young female students, adding a diploma in Police Foundations to her education - you GO GIRL! 💫👮🏼‍♀️ #GirlPower

Fav Style : Jazz 🖤

Fav Hobby : Working out, art and painting! 🎨

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