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That's a wrap! On 2019 Comp Season for DFX!

WOW! WOW! HOLY COW!! What a way to end an amazing comp season for our TEAM FX. Way too much to post….but have to give a few shout outs!!

First, to our MISS DFX BANANA…PARKER MAROTTA....who was the STAR OF THE SHOW!! This little Chiquita won everything she could in her age categories and divisions! This is what TINY DANCER OF THE YEAR looks like!!!!

To our DANCE OFF FINALISTS AND WINNERS!!! Our MINI CREW gave a ‘HAIR-RAISING’ performance with WASH, RINSE, REPEAT and our INTER CONTEMPORARY group sure did bring “THE HOUSE” down!!!!!

**See our recap for more...! Here's a few pics of our big winners...just a few...sorry!

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