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Just a little recap...!!!

Two comps down, two more to go!! What a start we have had! First, at SHOCK DANCE CHALLENGE with 10 elite studios, our little DFX team - only local studio there, came 4th overall studio!! Proud to have received several overalls , judges choice awards and scholarships!!

Also, kudos to our CUTEST FX “CHICKS” aka precomp team-for cleaning up with 3 overalls too plus more! 👏👏 Huge round of applause for our DFX “disciples” and Alex Burgio for the CHOREO AWARD!!! And finally, to our Jr and Inter SHOWDOWN finalists!!..KISS🤟and RIDDLER 2.0🦹🏻‍♀️!!! 💥BOOM KA DFX!! 💥

Next we attended HIT THE FLOOR WORLD-CLASS EVENT...not your average competition in any way! With 35 plus studios from around the world, and huge headliners all around...I’m proud to say we definitely left our mark on that world stage💖.

CONGRATULATIONS to overall winners Julia Albanese and...Marisa Sherk!!...Marisa also received the second highest score of entire competition!!!!!

This event only had 8 awards sessions total in 4 special awards just “HITS OF THE DAY” which is judges choice awards for standouts—only 4 given per session. I am PROUD to say we received 6 HITS TOTAL!!!! From the HITS, only 8 teams are chosen to perform and compete in their ALL STARS SHOWCASE!! UBER PROUD that DFX had 2 out of 8 of the TOP ROUTINES of weekend!!! It was another epic DFX experience that cannot be described 🌟💥.

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